Most frequent questions and answers

HalalHotelz.com is a distinctive brand that offers eminent experiences with beliefs and aspirations of the Islamic religion. Our goal is to offer unique holiday encounters that integrate with your religious beliefs. It is our privilege and pleasure as Muslims to be capable of providing quality holiday services that would be of interest to the Muslim families.

You can visit our “Halal Tourism” page for a detailed information concerning the halal-friendly holidays.

Our villas have been purposely designed for the Muslim families. They not only offer high standards of luxurious accommodation but also have large areas for sunbathing as well as swimming pools. They offer 100% privacy from the outside world and we guarantee that they are not overlooked. This implies that any Muslim family can enjoy the sun while relaxing in total privacy. The villas are also situated close to the beach. Some of our villas will also offer great value for money if you are a larger family because they offer an accommodation of up to 10 people.

We always use a very precise approach to guarantee high quality in our holidays. First, we make a careful selection and marketing of holidays that will offer exemplary services at great prices for our esteemed customers. We visit and inspect our holiday destinations regularly to ensure that they provide quality. Our primary focus is on those beach resorts that serve non-alcoholic drinks and halal food while providing separate facilities for women. They also have an enjoyable and interesting family-oriented entertainment.

You will also find Muslim friendly facilities such as the Qibla direction, Masjid and much more. HalalHotelz.com is an ideal brand that will provide you with amazing holiday experiences in accordance with the Islamic ethos. All of our destinations will give detailed information about the halal friendly facilities and services they deliver. It is easier to filter your search to determine the best option that suits your requirements.

In addition, we have verified our online reviews to ensure they are from genuine customers. You can always go through them to give you an idea of their experiences of accommodation in our destinations. For you to have a friendly holiday experience, we also carry out regular checks in our popular hotels and resorts.

There are fascinating historical treasures to discover in most of the areas and countries in which our hotels are located. They particularly relate to the Islamic heritage of the area in many destinations such as Turkey or Spain’s Andalucia. The feedback we have received from our customers is that they always prefer to explore individually. We believe that you will have fun as well.

Actually, there isn’t a bad time to plan your travel to Turkey. The summer season often begins from the start of May which marks the reopening of the outdoor facilities in all resorts. However, it tends to vary from one resort to another and will depend on the current weather conditions. The late days of October mark the end of this season which also relies on the weather. Some facilities will be closed at an earlier time. The prices will remain low in the low season (April and October) which makes it ideal for your budget. Also, bear in mind that not all facilities may be open during this time.

The hotel’s staff that usually speak English fluently are situated in Dubai, Istanbul, Malta, and Bosnia. Staff resorts that are located in the coastal regions of Turkey also have good knowledge in speaking the English language. However, this may vary depending on the star rating of the hotel. In general, the likelihood of the staff to speak very fluent English will be determined by a very high rating. It also takes a different turn when you are going down the chain. Most of the evening entertainment programs available in the coastal resorts of Turkey are aired in Turkish. There are different languages presented on the Satellite TV Channels.

Our partner airport transfer service provider will avail the transfer services. You will receive a separate email following your hotel confirmation email with regards to your airport transfers. You will be required to provide your flight details after clicking the link. It will then be sent to the airport transfer service provider automatically. Afterward, you will receive a confirmation email concerning your airport transfers with the transfer company’s contact number and pick-up times.

You will meet your driver at the designated meeting point once you arrive at the airport, finished the landing procedures and collected your luggage. You will find them having signs with the “lead passenger’s name” or written “HalalHotelz”. If you happen to experience any issues with your transfer or your flight has been delayed, it is necessary to directly contact the transfer service provider. Their contact details will be available on your airport transfer confirmation email.

It is mandatory for every traveler to have a valid passport with a minimum remaining validity of at least 6 months. The name of the lead passenger on your email of accommodation confirmation should coincide with your passport name. Otherwise, you stand minimal chances of being allowed into the room. Children will be required to hold their own passports if they are not already included on a valid passport if they are to travel abroad.

It is in your power to confirm whether you or any member of your family requires a visa to travel to the country you plan to travel. Always be sure before you make the booking. Normally, the Consulate of the destination country should be consulted for such information. It can also be found from the relevant Embassy department in your original country. It is also important to share with them the nationality of all your family members when seeking advice. For most nationalities, it is a requirement to have a Visa to travel to Turkey. Before you travel, there are a few steps online that can help you generate your e-visa.

There are no travel insurance policies included in the bookings through HalalHotelz.com. It is recommended for travelers to obtain their individual travel insurance for health cover or baggage loss and any other travel risks.

Before planning any travel, it is always important to be fit and well. An individual traveler is entitled to the responsibility of deciding whether they are medically sound to travel to other destinations out of their country.