Halal travel?

Halal Friendly Travel

The tourism industry has recently established the Halal-friendly Travel that has widely spread to several countries around the world. It aims at offering travel and tourism services in relation to the beliefs and practices of the Muslims. Most halal-conscious travelers are now aware of the available services and facilities, which indicates a rapid growth in the market sector. The hotel chains have also formulated other properties that will be consolidated in this market sector. Our website has a list of hotels and resorts that have the no-alcohol policy and serve halal food. They are situated in most of the public areas and give an assurance of nothing alcoholic in your hotel room.

You will also find separate spas, pools and leisure facilities in some hotels and many of our resorts. There are also areas set aside for the beach that gives provisions of sunbathing and swimming for women only. Families that have the modest swimming dress code will be fascinated by our mixed beach areas. The most important feature on the site is the prayer facilities which are also included. Entertainment and family-oriented amenities are offered by the various properties. We also guarantee private swimming pools in our luxury villas that are not overlooked in any way. This is to ensure you have 100% privacy while in the sunbathing area or swimming pool for you and your family. All activities that we offer are directed towards upholding the values and modesty of the Muslims.

One of our most popular destinations is Turkey. It is considered to be first-class in the halal-friendly tourism. Its beautiful Aegean and Mediterranean resorts, as well as the historic cities, offer an excellent range of accommodation. Turkey delivers our grand compilation of beach resorts that are halal friendly with separate sunbathing areas as well as swimming pools for both men and women. It also has numerous halal-friendly thermal resorts that provide natural benefits from high-temperature thermal springs.

Other popular destinations include U.A.E, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are taking significant efforts in these destinations to ensure that they are in accordance with the Muslim beliefs and practices. Most countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia are developing their halal-friendly tourism services that will give a warm welcome to the Muslim tourists. It is taking place in both the Muslim and Non-Muslim countries.

You can take a look at some of the categories of halal-friendly properties that are available on our website:

  • Villas – Private Holiday Homes that have private swimming pools that are not overlooked
  • City Hotels – Halal-friendly Hotels based in city locations
  • Resorts – Halal-friendly Beach Resorts and Spas
  • Thermal – Halal-friendly Health Resorts and Spas

It is also possible to book optional extras during the stage of payment checkout when booking your accommodation online. For example, you can book airport transfers for most resorts while in you can add car hire for most villas as well as halal grocery packs to your online booking. Other things that are guaranteed include ‘Room Sustainability’, ‘Best Rate’, and ‘Precise Total Family Pricing’. These are only a few of the many unique features on our website that are ideal for Muslim families with children.

There are also exemplary filters offered by our website for your halal-friendly requirements. This includes Halal Food, Ladies Leisure facilities and No-Alcohol Policy. The reason why we have included these filters is to enable you to select hotels that meet your demands.

Our website will assist you to choose hotels according to their degree of halal-friendliness, in locations that lack full-scale halal-friendly hotels i.e. how best these properties meet the individual requirements of halal.

Halal-conscious travelers can feel free to search and book resorts, hotels, and villas around the world through HalalHotelz.com. You can free your mind, soak up in the sun and enjoy the crystal-clear waters and sandy beaches, or stay in the private luxury villas and great city hotels without compromising your beliefs and values in the Islamic religion.